Year Speaker Title
2021 The Three Doctors Dr. Sampson Davis, Dr. George Jenkins and Dr. Rameck Hunt
2021 Dr. Annaleise Singh Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity/Chief Diversity Officer at Tulane University
2019 Dr. Christopher M. Jones Executive Director of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub
2019 Mr. Tim Wise Leading Anti-Racist Author and Educator
2018 Dr. Laura Rendon Professor Emertia and Co-Director of the Center for Research and Policy in the Education at the University of Texas-San Antonio
2018 Dr. Julianne Malveaux President and Owner of Economic Education
2017 Dr. Amer Ahmed Director of Intercultural Teaching and Faculty Development, University of Massachusetts Amherst
2017 Dr. Walter Kimbrough President Dillard University
2016 Dr. Mildred Garcia President, California State University, Fullerton
2015 Dr. Deborah A. Santiago Chief Operating Officer and Vice President for Policy at Excelencia in Education
2015 Dr. Peniel Joseph Founding Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy and Professor of History at Tufts University
2014 Dr. Julia Sun-Joo Lee Assistant Professor of English at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2014 Dr. Arnold Mitchem President Emeritus, Council for Opportunity in Education
2013 Dr. Thomas R. Rochon President, Ithaca College
2013 Dr. Tyrone Hayes Professor and Researcher, University of California, Berkeley
2012 Dr. Freeman A. Hrabowski, III President, University of Maryland - Baltimore County
2012 Dr. Ainissa Ramirez Scientist, Educator, Science Evangelist - Yale University
2011 Jose M. Hernandez NASA Astronaut (Former)
2011 Reginald McNair "Son" of Dr. Ronald E. McNair
President, Longevity Partners, LLC
2010 Dr. Erika Camacho Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Student of Jaime Escalante, portrayed in movie Stand and Deliver
2010 Dr. Nikki Giovanni Professor, Virginia Tech
Activist, Speaker, Poet
2009 Dr. Randal Pinkett Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Community Servant
Winner of The Apprentice - Reality TV Show
2009 Mrs. Cheryl McNair Wife of Dr. Ronald E. McNair
Challenger Center for Space Science Education
2008 Dr. Calvin Mackie Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys-State of Louisiana
Channel Zer0, Motivational Speaker
2007 Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Professor of Sociology, Georgetown University
2006 Dr. Levi Ross Florida State University
2006 Dr. Jonathan Livingston North Carolina Central
2006 Dr. Dee Lisa Cothran University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
2005 Mr. Carl McNair President, Ronald McNair Foundation
2004 Rev. Dr. Joan Parott Vice-President, Children's Defense Fund/Haley Farm
2003 Dr. Manning Marable Director, Center for African and African America Studies, Columbia University
2002 Dr. Dorothy Cowser Yancey Johnson C Smith University
2000 Dr. Michael Eric Dyson Activist, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
1999 Mr. George Fraser Motivational Speaker, Cleveland, OH
1998 Dr. Orlando Taylor Dean of the Graduate School, Howard University
1997 Dr. Julian Earls Assistant Director, NASA, Cleveland, OH
1996 Dr. Ike Tribble Florida Education Fund
1995 Dr. Arnold Mitchem Council for Opportunity in Education